Starbound - Anyone playing this on-line?

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Starbound - Anyone playing this on-line?

Postby FourEyedTroll » 11 Aug 2016, 01:13

So, I recently got Starbound, love it, and want to expand from single player to multi. Does anyone have a private or public server they're willing to share to a responsible player looking for company?
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Re: Starbound - Anyone playing this on-line?

Postby TStodden » 24 Aug 2016, 21:27

I've been getting back into StarBound as well, but I've been sticking offline for now... to at least until I can get my FTL drive running.

I have a spare computer that I could use as a dedicated server (since all my major usage has moved to my current system), but it would take me some time to get it up to acceptable working order (need to pick up all the necessary updates to keep secure). I'm not certain if there's enough people interested in a private server for the game to justify the hassle. I've tried it for a few months during the betas a few years ago (back when I only had the one PC & my connection speeds were 1/3 of their present-day levels), but it was virtually a ghost town deal.

Should I venture into this again, I will mention that I won't be able to actively monitor the server (usually around Midnight - 4:00 AM CT daily) & any power outages will take the server & my connection down (despite my UPS's, they always seem to trip on any power outage... no matter how short they may be) until I get home / wake up to address them. As before, donations are welcomed, but are not required to maintain operation (since I'm already covering the bills for it's operation)... the only thing that I require is player activity (I want to see that it's being used, even if it's just notes on the server logs).
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Re: Starbound - Anyone playing this on-line?

Postby Jostain » 26 Aug 2016, 09:16

I tried to start playing it a while ago but my laptop cant run the game at a satisfactory framerate (wich is weird because much more impressive games run fine). We shall see once I get home and try it on my main compter.

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