Lost Planet 2: Part 2

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Lost Planet 2: Part 2

Postby Matt » 12 Jul 2010, 08:31

The Akrid action continues, in the epic second half!



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Re: Lost Planet 2: Part 2

Postby iamafish » 12 Jul 2010, 09:54

I loved Paul's giggle at 'dense bush'.

over than that, good episode.

Looks like a really unique and individual game [/sarcasm]
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Re: Lost Planet 2: Part 2

Postby Emperor Gum » 12 Jul 2010, 11:06

iamafish wrote:Looks like a really unique and individual game [/sarcasm]

+1. Jungle Pirates! Oh no!
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Re: Lost Planet 2: Part 2

Postby AlexanderDitto » 12 Jul 2010, 17:16

Paul's little giggle, his PERFECT little giggle at "dense bush" made me completely lose it.

Great episode, guys.
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Re: Lost Planet 2: Part 2

Postby wartjr2373 » 13 Jul 2010, 07:53

I would totally play a Mega Man spinoff where all the enemies were pirates of varying elements.
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Re: Lost Planet 2: Part 2

Postby thunderkatz » 13 Jul 2010, 07:59

Four propellors on your Johnson? There are probably easier ways to make a helicoptering dong.
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Re: Lost Planet 2: Part 2

Postby dooberry » 16 Jul 2010, 15:48

Wait, did Graham just make a reference to UBC Engineering? That's awesome.

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Re: Lost Planet 2: Part 2

Postby ThrashJazzAssassin » 18 Jul 2010, 03:02

Ah, now it all makes sense. This "Thermal Energy" the Akrids are full of is clearly a hitherto undiscovered Phazon deposit, and Lost Planet 3 will feature the battle to keep it out of the hands of the Space Pirates.

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