Warhammer Battle March

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Warhammer Battle March

Postby Matt » 04 Oct 2010, 08:15

It's really less of a "march" and more of saunter. Or a mosey.



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Re: Warhammer Battle March

Postby Keab42 » 04 Oct 2010, 08:27

Nice Court Jester reference. Danny Kaye FTW!
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Re: Warhammer Battle March

Postby It's My Delorean » 04 Oct 2010, 09:19

Hey, the voice reading the scrolling text during the Chapter One portion, I'm pretty sure it was Rhinox from Beast Wars. Sounds like him at least...
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Re: Warhammer Battle March

Postby AK4186 » 04 Oct 2010, 15:48

It's My Delorean wrote:Hey, the voice reading the scrolling text during the Chapter One portion, I'm pretty sure it was Rhinox from Beast Wars. Sounds like him at least...

I was just going to say that. Couldn't place it at first, but pretty sure it is him. Really sounds like him. Couldn't find an entry on imdb or wikipedia, though.
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Re: Warhammer Battle March

Postby Flewellyn » 04 Oct 2010, 16:55

A Danny Kaye reference?! Holy crap, that was awesome!

Why they felt the need to repeat themselves in the intro with both the narration AND the later text scroll, I would like to know.

But, it was a very nice tower.
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Re: Warhammer Battle March

Postby Mighty Magnus » 05 Oct 2010, 02:49

Either I'm watching not enough Warhammer videos, but do a lot of them have the walking army that get's ambushed, then slaughtered, then something big and flashy at the end..., and I'm including Warhammer 40,000 too.

Hmm, this may require some investigation..., if I can find the time (boots up Dragon Quest 4 and forgets what I was on about... OH, mini medal...)
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Re: Warhammer Battle March

Postby iamafish » 05 Oct 2010, 20:11

good guys getting ambushed by bad guys, then more awesome good guys coming to the rescue, before being attacked by even more insurmountable enemies is a pretty common way of introducing the principle conflict in an exciting way, so yes.

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Re: Warhammer Battle March

Postby Jon Lock » 07 Oct 2010, 08:27

Battle March!? Why does March get all the action? I thought April was the cruellest month?

Still, based on this analogy, I'm guessing it would be Warhammer Recrimination and War Crimes Tribunal April.

Doesn't quite roll off the tongue.
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