Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Postby Matt » 18 Oct 2010, 08:08


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Re: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Postby WAYF » 18 Oct 2010, 22:31

That boat is one big gaping plot hole.
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Mighty Magnus
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Re: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Postby Mighty Magnus » 19 Oct 2010, 10:44

And to think, if that search light and machine gun were better at their job and riddled the second team too, it would have saved everyone a whole heep of time.

But since when have the faceless guards been able hit the broad side of a barn...., damn you Able Company, your messing that up too.
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Re: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Postby Jon Lock » 19 Oct 2010, 11:42

Staggering... at what point did "plausible" go out the window in scripting these games? I get the action hero thing, I really do, but would a basic understanding of human sensory organs be too much to ask for?

Still, at least they'll smell clean after that dip in the water, eh?


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