Blood Stone

Discussion of LRR's weekly mockery of video game cutscenes.
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Blood Stone

Postby Matt » 20 Dec 2010, 09:14


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Re: Blood Stone

Postby goat » 20 Dec 2010, 09:44

Surprised they didn't hit on that terrible clipping error when Bond pulls up at the 5:00 mark. The car EATS that hazard barrier.
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Re: Blood Stone

Postby NohbdyImportant » 20 Dec 2010, 15:14

I thought the same. All in all, funny episode like usual. High-light of my monday. Yep.
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Re: Blood Stone

Postby Mighty Magnus » 20 Dec 2010, 16:01

A good episode of unskippable, having fun with a faaaarr to well known series of games.

Ah, Mr Bond. Your face may change more times than Blofeld's, but your games really, kinda.... don't.
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Re: Blood Stone

Postby Snowman » 20 Dec 2010, 17:14

goat wrote:Surprised they didn't hit on that terrible clipping error when Bond pulls up at the 5:00 mark. The car EATS that hazard barrier.

Being a bond game the only other option is it exploding on contact.
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Re: Blood Stone

Postby LackingSanity » 20 Dec 2010, 21:24

I have to try and work Dench'd into my vocabulary: the potential for hilarity is endless!
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Re: Blood Stone

Postby Emperor Gum » 21 Dec 2010, 05:56

You guys are funny, please work 'you just got 'Dench'd' into another video. Also, this seemed like the first game where just watching all the cutscenes would be entertaining.
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Re: Blood Stone

Postby iamafish » 24 Dec 2010, 20:44

I loved the bit of wrestling commentary when bond got hit my a chair!

Xmas cracker joke potential: What do batman villains and Bond villains have in common?

they both need to learn to look up!
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