The Whole Story - Desert Bus

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The Whole Story - Desert Bus

Postby Graham » 22 Nov 2011, 13:13

Nigel takes you on a cross country journey.
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Re: The Whole Story - Desert Bus

Postby Avistew » 22 Nov 2011, 16:28

I loved this one. Very topical, features Nigel (yay!) and a lot of good jokes.
Plus, references to previous videos!
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Re: The Whole Story - Desert Bus

Postby Tapir12 » 22 Nov 2011, 23:29

link since it's not on the front page yet.

OMG, those Egyptian images were so so so so so so good!!! Please please post them!!

I totally played Guy-with-a-cane-ox-boat-facing-right-feather when I was in Egypt. Well, minus the slaves.
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Re: The Whole Story - Desert Bus

Postby ThrashJazzAssassin » 25 Nov 2011, 11:27

Brilliant! The Whole Stories have been some of my favourite videos this year, and this one was no exception. Once again, Tensen did a fantastic job with the artwork.
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Re: The Whole Story - Desert Bus

Postby empath » 27 Nov 2011, 01:54

Aye, the artwork added that one extra touch of verisimilitude to this. Image

Also, I don't know if anyone's mentioned it before, but Paul's wearing a shooting jacket - the leather patch on the right shoulder where one would hold the stock of the gun...
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Re: The Whole Story - Desert Bus

Postby nicholasmc1 » 27 Nov 2011, 16:40

The whole story continues to be my favourite new "thing" you guys do, next best thing to story guy.

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