Dead Body Accidentally Thrown Away

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Dead Body Accidentally Thrown Away

Postby Graham » 23 Jul 2014, 14:03

This is probably the darkest dump, ever.
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Re: Dead Body Accidentally Thrown Away

Postby Lord Chrusher » 23 Jul 2014, 14:41

For some reason my bank in Australia gave me that visor (along with some other free junk) when I opened my account with them. I do not know why I kept it but when I was cleaning out my room to move back to Canada I thought it would make a good Feed Dump hat so I brought it back with me.
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Re: Dead Body Accidentally Thrown Away

Postby CaptainSpam » 23 Jul 2014, 16:08

Come on down to Heap's. All orders come with our own custom hand-made shade, for free. That's Heap's Free Shade, just off the interstate.
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Re: Dead Body Accidentally Thrown Away

Postby Macheya » 24 Jul 2014, 00:35

As a Floridian, this isn't even the worst thing that's ever happened in this state, or the weirdest or most morbid.

In other news, I saw a Koenigsegg CCR on my way home from work about a week ago.
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Re: Dead Body Accidentally Thrown Away

Postby ch3m1kal » 24 Jul 2014, 02:56

I don't know, I think those guys have really stumbled onto an untapped market here. I mean do YOU know who to call when there are just dead bodies laying around the place?
Didn't think so...
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Re: Dead Body Accidentally Thrown Away

Postby VectorZero » 25 Jul 2014, 03:15

To be fair, hanging victims don't really look human after a while.
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Re: Dead Body Accidentally Thrown Away

Postby Flewellyn » 25 Jul 2014, 20:36

So the two guys who took the body to the dump were cleared of Ron Dewing?

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