Tell me about your favourite character's you've played.

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Tell me about your favourite character's you've played.

Postby PunkRockZoologist » 13 Aug 2019, 21:53

This should be fun. I love hearing people describe characters that they love/loved to play. Maybe they're someone you're still actively playing, maybe this was someone from a long-past campaign who died heroically, or betrayed the party, or got to retire as a Lvl 20 Bard on stacks of riches in a villa in Port Nyanzaru. List as many as you want, I know I have warm feelings for many characters I've played. I'll start us off.

Genny Watersnake
Game: Warhammer Fantasy RPG 5th Ed.
A street urchin who grew up on the streets of Grissenwald in the heart of the Reikland. She was raised by Shallian priestesses but preferred the freedom of living on the rooftops and in the alleys, and holding people up for their gold late at night. She has dreams of becoming a bandit queen of the surrounding forests and waterways. Her best and only friend is a Halfling named Al, who is an apprentice blacksmith and starving artist. She is very concerned with preserving her own skin, providing for the other children at the Shallian orphanage, and hooking up with their shadow-mage friend Kat, who has connections to the local underworld gangs.

Flight Officer Gargorlyng Dong
Game: Star Wars RPG
Inspired by Ian's "Is this a real Star Wars character" game on LRL, Flt. Off. Dong, or Gar to his friends was a fanatically anti-Imperial Rebel commando and X-Wing pilot attached to Knight Squadron in the Tion Cluster. Gar was the team's long-range and sniping specialist. He was ruthless and fanatical in his alleagance to the Rebel cause to topple the Empire, and even executed a pair of Stormtrooper prisoners at one point. He met his end at the hands of an Imperial e-web blaster emplacement while allowing his friends to escape with a number of liberated Rebel prisoners.

Captain Entropy (Nicolas Tropie)
Game: Mutants and Masterminds
The physicist Dr. Nicolas Tropie was working on fusion power research and antimatter generation when an explosion in his lab endowed him with the power to control and manipulate energy. This manifested as the ability to rapidly convert potential energy or stored energy in matter to kinetic, hear and light energy. In other words, he could make explosions. An avowed anarchist and socialist, he spent a lot of his time using these powers not only to defeat tyrannical supervillains and extraterrestrial invaders with his team, the Skybreakers, but also to help rebellions and oppressed peoples around the world overthrow dictators and unjust rulers.

Lord Captain Darius Hyperion
Game: Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader
Ever read the "Vhane Glorious" webcomic? Darius was a bit like that. The last surviving heir of the once great Hyperion Rogue Trader dynasty, Darius was not all that his family would have hoped. He tried to be noble and dashing, he just wasn't that good at it. He and his crew had many adventures on their ship, the Majestic Fires of Dawn, which mostly involved stealing treasure from other Rogue Traders or from long forgotten vaults, and then fighting whatever woke up/emerged from said treasure before it could destroy their ship. One time they accidentally brought a Necron onboard. Darius nearly met his end when the munistorum preacher (another player character) led a mutiny (after a year of secret planning with the GM) against him and his suspiciously heretical ways, and blew herself up while tackling Darius. Darius only survived because I had a single fate point left to spend.

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