November 13, 2003 + Steve Notley

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November 13, 2003 + Steve Notley

Postby Guest » 27 Aug 2004, 15:35

What do you think of the time lapse? That took Graham the whole day!

With regards to Steve's process, that's pretty much how we come up with most of our ideas too, only we don't smoke.


Postby Guest » 27 Aug 2004, 16:15

Nifty time lapse, my favourite bit is right at 1:00 where maybe half a second after the music starts up from the loop, the clouds start moving real fast like.

Where's Steve Notley from? He has a email address so I'm guessing somewhere in Canada... My investigative skills are epic in scale!
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Postby Vidar » 27 Aug 2004, 16:16

Bloody hell, I thought I was logged in. Above post is mine. My powers of observation are beyond epic.
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Postby Ever-Infamous Kojiro-san » 27 Aug 2004, 17:40

Both made my pants burst into flame.

November 13th 2003: Wow...that video was shot 3 days after my 19th birthday. And how the HELL do you get a tape that runs for 24 hours?

Bob The Angry Flower: That's how I get my ideas, too. Once again, minus smoking and possibly the poison.
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Postby Guest » 27 Aug 2004, 19:30

If I recall correctly, I believe Steve Notley is in Edmonton, Alberta

Ami KittyCat Mizuno

Postby Ami KittyCat Mizuno » 27 Aug 2004, 20:42

That was really awesome! The time lapse looked so cool? What camera did you do it on Graham? I didn't know the digital ones did that! That's awesome. Tell the story of how you convinced the hotel to put it there!
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Postby Graham » 28 Aug 2004, 00:23

The time lapse was accomplished through a couple steps.

First, I asked to film from the hotel, because I figured a north facing room in the Grand Pacific would lend itself to a cool shot, and wouldn't get direct sun. Saying I was a UVic student doing a film project did the trick, they were really cool about it.

Then I hooked my digital video camera directly into the computer, with no tape so it wouldn't go onto standby mode. There's a small app I have that captures time lapse footage from an input source. I believe that was capturing at about 1 frame every 5 seconds, then sped up in editing. There was no tape, it captures direct to the drive.

Finally, I sat in the room and watched painful daytime TV from 5am until dusk.


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