Dragon's Dogma

Discussion of LRR's weekly mockery of video game cutscenes.
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Dragon's Dogma

Postby Matt » 12 Jun 2012, 14:42

The amazing adventures of Default Guy and the giant Dragon.



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Re: Dragon's Dogma

Postby Lord Hosk » 14 Jun 2012, 20:17

Three days in and no one commenting, I think this one was skippable.
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Re: Dragon's Dogma

Postby Jamfalcon » 15 Jun 2012, 15:42

I actually thought this was one of the better Unskippable's you've done. They all tend to blur together for me, and while I've watched them all I'm not a huge fan of the series (it's just not really my thing). This one made me laugh out loud a couple of times, so good job on that. :)
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Re: Dragon's Dogma

Postby AdmiralMemo » 23 Jul 2012, 21:09

I'm just upset that the Trekkie in Graham didn't correct Paul's "Delta Quadrant/DS9 wormhole" remark.

Otherwise, awesome video. :-D
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