Episode 35 - Unarmed Avatars

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Episode 35 - Unarmed Avatars

Postby Matt » 02 Jan 2012, 20:25

Where could their arms have gone?



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Re: Episode 35 - Unarmed Avatars

Postby Mowinckel » 02 Jan 2012, 22:47

Good episode… is it keyboard noises I hear in the last half?
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Re: Episode 35 - Unarmed Avatars

Postby Geoff_B » 03 Jan 2012, 00:28

Woo call back to Season 2 :D
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Re: Episode 35 - Unarmed Avatars

Postby plummeting_sloth » 03 Jan 2012, 10:48

I'm pretty sure the announcement screens in the Game of Thrones RPG will be awesome.

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Re: Episode 35 - Unarmed Avatars

Postby chif-ii » 04 Jan 2012, 14:39

Did Paul bump the microphone or something when they started the Xbox avatar segment? I dunno, it just seemed really weird to me, LRR videos don't usually have audio hiccups like that.
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Re: Episode 35 - Unarmed Avatars

Postby PhilofNorthA » 04 Jan 2012, 16:17

Hey, I wanted to drop the guys a note to say I REALLY enjoyed the show this week. You had me cracking up in my chair. I follow it on PATV, maybe watching an episode once a month or so when I'm bored ... but I think you've made a convert out of me. Sometime in the last couple months you guys have gotten really good. Thanks for the laughs, Phil
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Re: Episode 35 - Unarmed Avatars

Postby Graham » 04 Jan 2012, 16:56

Thanks Phil!
That's really awesome to hear :)

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