Filming paper MTG

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Filming paper MTG

Postby boxanddice » 13 Jun 2017, 17:32

Hey there all,

Watching videos and being an all round YT junkie had made me want to start filming paper magic, however I really have no idea how to.

I currently shoot videos on my phone which is fine for the interview style videos but I wanted to be able to catch some detail of the cards without losing the board too.

I have a budget of about $300-$400 for the camera and already own the tripod.

Thanks again
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Re: Filming paper MTG

Postby CheshirePlaysGames » 04 Aug 2017, 16:26

Well all you really need to start with is XSPLIT, 3x C920 1080HP webcam and Decked Builder. The cams will cost about 99 USD each and you will need to spend a little on a DIY boom rig for one two of the cams. That's so one can be table cam and the other can be for Decked Builder.

That's how I shoot my stuff :)

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