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Postby Kapol » 15 Jul 2016, 05:23

I could be wrong, but I never got the feeling any of the calls were based on chat freaking out. The only time it really felt like Serge stepped in due to chat overly freaking out was checking if Prof had >7 cards in hand. But I wasn't in chat. So I can't say that for sure. And even if they made it clear Serge was focused on the game and would catch every non-misplay error in gameplay, chat would still freak out. That's what chat does for Magic events. That's why we have the joke of 'chat lethal.'

The vibe of 'super casual' felt like it was more to make it clear that this isn't meant to be high-level play. Misplays were going to happen. The players wouldn't have a good grasp on the new cards yet, so mistakes would be made. And given this was a small event with 8 friendly people and no actual stakes, there wasn't going to be a huge level of competition. It felt there to make sure people understood that stuff like the game Prof and Alison had was going to happen and judge calls would be basically be no penalty. Basically, trying to set expectations on how the event is run rather than REL.

All that said, that was my interpretation of events. I could be entirely off base there. If so, I apologize.
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Postby Kenji » 08 Feb 2018, 21:31

Hi everyone! Dumb question, but does anyone know what program LRR are using to auto-detect the cards they put on the table and put up a picture on stream? I haven't found anyone talking about it yet.
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Postby Baldwin » 09 Feb 2018, 11:19

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