Crapshot idea: Tall guy

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Crapshot idea: Tall guy

Postby Lystrous » 08 Apr 2017, 05:23

Requires Graham, Marshal(or other person taller than Graham) and 3 other cast members.

Scene 1-3
Have of Graham helping the other cast members get 3 items of varying ridiculousness.

Scene 4
Have Marshal help Graham grab an item in a very similar way scene 1 played out.

Scene 5
Costume change from scene 4 implying a new day.
Shot showing waist up.
Graham walks up to Marshal, slightly audible clomping sound.
Follow Marshals gaze down with the shot.
Graham is wearing shoes with wooden blocks or something similar taped onto them.
Pan back up.
Marshal just shakes his head.
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Re: Crapshot idea: Tall guy

Postby AdmiralMemo » 12 Apr 2017, 16:25

Reading this just makes me wish Bill were still around. :-(
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