2 part idea or one long video

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2 part idea or one long video

Postby AllMeatPizza » 18 May 2017, 09:43

I maybe thought about this for too long, don't mind any plotholes, the best videos have plotholes.

-Person1 - Home owner with a pool in their backyard
-Person2 - Friend of Person1
-Person(s)3+ Friends of Person2
-Sinister Voice (skelly? or Person1's inner voice)

Scene 1
Setting: Inside Person1's home, Person1 has taken a bag of sugar out of the cupboard when he/she hears the doorbell.
<doorbell rings>
Person1: (opens the front door and sees Person2) "Oh hey, come on in"
Person2: "Thanks for letting me borrow a cup of sugar" (glances out back window and sees pool) "Oh sweet, a pool!" (texts furiously on their phone)
Person1: "Yeah, stop on by sometime if you want to go swim..." <doorbell rings> (Person(s)3+ are lined up outside the door with their swimsuits and towels) "Oh, h'..."
Person(s)3+ "Out of the way, where's the pool!?" (shoves their way inside and out to the pool)
Person1 (depressed) "Aww." <sounds of laughter and splashing water out back> (walks to the kitchen and starts making a sandwich)
Person3: (walks in to the kitchen and sees the sandwich being made) "Sweet! Hey everyone, Person1 is making us sandwiches!" <Sounds of feet rushing into the kitchen>
Person1 (sees empty bag that once had a loaf of bread and is sad)
(everyone is now leaving except Person1 who remains home)
Person1 (walks out back and sees the mess everyone made of the pool, glances down, spots an ugly wet towel left behind, picks up the towel and turns to call out) "Hey, someone left their towe'..." (a sinister voice is heard)
Sinister Voice: "Quiet you fool, now we have all we need to exact our revenge!" <maniacal laughter>

Scene 2
Setting: In-front of Person1's home, tables have been set up for a garage sale with stuff laid out for sale. On the table in-front of Person1 is a stack of ugly mismatched towels that people have left behind over the years that are now being sold for some amount of money.
Person2: (walks up to talk to Person1) "Hi, got your tweet, so you're having a garage sale, eh?"
Person1: (with a smirk) "Yeah, check out these many fine, rare, and lightly used items for sale." (motions arm in outward circular motion to emphasize everything that is laid out for sale)
Person3: (walks up to table with ugly towels on it, glances around at the items for sale then looks at Person1) "So what useless crap are you trying to offload on unwitting suckers?" (looks down at ugly towels for sale) <gleefully surprised> "Oh my God! Where did you find this towel?! I've been looking for one just like this forever, they stopped selling this style years ago!"
Person1: "I never pass up a deal when I can find one. Tell you what, I'll knock off a buck since we have been friends for so long."
Person3: "Can't pass up that bargain, su-weet!" (hands money over and walks off with their ugly towel)
Person3+: (walks up and sees a specific ugly towel) <with a suspicious tone> "Crazy, I lost a towel just like this after swimming at your place." <cheerful tone> "Well, this must be my lucky day, I never thought I would find a replacement for such an old model. They don't make them like this anymore." (hands over money and walks off with their ugly towel)
(Person1 places money in money box and hears Sinister Voice)
Sinister Voice: "YES, YES, REVENGE IS OURS!!!" <maniacal laughter>

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