Mercenary Solutions 2

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Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Graham » 23 Nov 2009, 14:04

Kane and Crowthorne return!
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Sauter » 23 Nov 2009, 14:15


also, i liked the video. i'm paying more attention to desert bus at the moment, though. why the lack of quicktime recently-ish?
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby iSven » 23 Nov 2009, 14:24

Too bad. someone did´t switched his phone of. But good to see what can be done in a single shot
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Sieg Reyu » 23 Nov 2009, 14:27

Thought it was very funny,

Though I didn't really catch that he was supposed to be stabbing him in the back. Thought he was just trying soothe him before he broke his neck or something.
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Trisha Lynn » 23 Nov 2009, 14:29

I am very fond of this video, but I don't remember which one is Kane and which one is Crowthorne. Either way, I do like how philosophical the dude is and how bloodthirsty the female is.

To paraphrase Morgan from earlier today: "Men and women are equally screwed up."

Also? Very sneaky of you to pimp out the video to all 1500+ people watching Desert Bus.

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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Interruptor Jones » 23 Nov 2009, 14:35

A++ would lol again

I hope they don't kill everyone that way, it would make for a very inefficient bodycount...

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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Urdar » 23 Nov 2009, 14:40

ahhh, one of my favourite vids from this year has gotten a sequel, very nice.
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Mad Madam Mimm » 23 Nov 2009, 14:41

Very nice. Thankfully, in the world of LRR, "sequel" and "crap" are most definately not synonymous. HOllywood could learn from you guys.
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Yaxley » 23 Nov 2009, 14:43

I'm guessing this mission won't show up in the next PR presentation.

I think this is my favorite Alex performance, though.
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Greenshoes » 23 Nov 2009, 14:59

"Targeted human resource removal initiatives."

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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby ChaoticNeutral » 23 Nov 2009, 15:02

Excellent acting by everyone! Even the soon-to-be-dead-guy. Funny video all around but I'm too busy watching Desert Bus to watch it more than once.
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Ottoman » 23 Nov 2009, 16:11

These characters are the best, though I think they were just that much funnier with the old man foil. Fantastic nonetheless. Especially so for being done in the pre-Desert-Bus crunch.

Speaking of which, whoever left their phone on should be punched in the dick on the DB feed.
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Arpijy » 23 Nov 2009, 16:14

I'm actually mildly surprised a video went up today considering Desert Bus (which, by the way, has been fun to watch thus far).

Either way, great vid, I'm happy to see these characters making another appearance. I approve.
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby VanSlick » 23 Nov 2009, 16:15

Oh hand spades, how deadly you truly can be.

Apparently, that is one mercenary who isn't very good at "Knifey-Spoony"

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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Lyinginbedmon » 23 Nov 2009, 16:43

So great to see these characters in their element. :D
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby gcninja » 23 Nov 2009, 17:08

iSven wrote:Too bad. someone did´t switched his phone OFF


still funny as hell i liked the ending, "lets try that again" "aww fu-"
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Lacerta » 23 Nov 2009, 17:42

Channeling some Brock Samson there...
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby King Rocky IV » 23 Nov 2009, 18:09

As far back as the season opener, I had a feeling that we'd be seeing a lot more of these sequel videos. Not that I don't appreciate it as a LRR fan, but would these videos be just as funny for new viewers?

I'm not feeling this one. The first MS video worked because they had a straight-man to work off of, and a logical progression of plot. This one is just one joke (soothing a potential victim), stretched out for three minutes. Though because Desert Bus is going on, it makes sense that you'd want to do a light video, with one location, one scene, and three characters. Plus, you all still have lives outside of LRR. The only thing missing is the funny.
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Arius » 23 Nov 2009, 19:01

King Rocky IV wrote:The only thing missing is the funny.

I found it. You gotta make sure the volume is on, otherwise you miss it.
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Cake » 23 Nov 2009, 19:44

I found this funny. I especially lol'd at the end, where Alex kills Raymond with an e-tool.
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby spartanhelmet » 23 Nov 2009, 19:45

Greenlighting Mercenary Solutions: The Movie in 5..4..3.. BOOM

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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Magster » 23 Nov 2009, 19:51

Funny video, didn't think there would be a new Mercenary Solutions like to see more
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby Jaebird » 23 Nov 2009, 19:56

I make the same mistake every time, only I can kill with a spoon, while my knife breaks against their spines =| (Open for commissions.)
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby The LRR-Metroid Fan » 23 Nov 2009, 20:48

Interesting. Not bad, nice location and lighting effects. However, I thought there could have been more actual fighting. If you need any help with that, you could ask me. I've choreographed several fight scenes myself. :)
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Re: Mercenary Solutions 2

Postby UDP » 23 Nov 2009, 20:52

lol that was awesome. Really wasn't expecting that...

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