Day 6 : 3rd Day at the Con
July 29th, 2007

Posted by james

Sorry about the lack of pictures guys. I have been taking a lot of freaking pictures and haven’t been keeping up with them. I will try and get some up later today.

So Yesterday at the con was pretty much awesome. Most of us arrived around 11ish in hopes of making it into the Heroes Panel, no such luck. So we just ended up screwing around the show floor for a couple hours and chilling out at our booth. Me, Bill and Paul hit up a panel with a bunch of awesome writers and then after that was the PA panel. Which was awesome. However the best part of the day by far was when the bunch of us were wandering around and pretty much ran in to Joss Wheadon. So i got him to sign my sketch book and i got a picture taken with him! So that was pretty much awesome. And then it just got even better. On our way back to the booth, we noticed a large gang of security guards escorting someone out of the building and we pretty much all thought that someone was getting kicked out. But no it was just Stan Lee. FUCKING STAN LEE! I was within arms reach of Stan Lee. That was pretty freaking awesome as well. And then to add to the celebrity filled day, while me and Matt were wandering around, Gene Simmons just wandered by us with a couple of security guards. Random: YES! Awesome: Also kinda yes. I don’t really give a shit about him but still thats kinda of cool.

Graham, Paul, Kathleen (Oh yah, Kathleen made it in the other night, it has been radercool) Alex and Morgan went to the Masquerade last night so i can’t really let you know what was going on at that. I will do my best to get one of them to do a quick write up at some point. Me, Matt, Ben and Adam wandered around the Floor until 7pm and then we decided to wander around downtown for a little bit. AND BOY AM I GLAD WE DID. Adam, the crazy fuck that he is, was so dedicated to the point game, that he made a nice chunk of points last night. 24 to be exact. That means everyone one of us gave him 3 points for what he did? Can you guys guess? He got a freaking, out of the blue tattoo, of a Old School NES controller. We didn’t think he would actually do it but, then again, it is Adam. So he has the commanding lead and pretty much he is the winner of the game. No one is going to be able to top that. We might be able to beat him in points but he is the clear winner at heart. After that, and going back to the Con to show the guys there we caught a cab back to the hotel and boy was it a awesome cab driver. He just laid into Matt. Just gave him shit cause he wouldn’t finger other random cabs along side of us. It was HILARIOUS! We got back to the Hotel and met up with Bill and decided to go out and get some dinner. Guess what? We got the same cab driver again. It was pretty much awesome! So we hit up one place and got some food. After they closed we headed to another bar and we made up our own drink. Its called the Jungle Jack.

1/3 Jack Daniels
1/3 Orange Vodka
1/3 99 Bananas

Shaken and Chilled. Not the most disgusting thing i have ever had but it was far from good.

Came back to the hotel, interviewed Adam about his tattoo fun and pretty much called it a night.

Graham, Kathleen, Paul and Alex headed down to the Con this morning and the rest of us are going to hit up the Zoo. I think the other guys are going to meet up with us later but they had to go down and check out a little bit more stuff and get the shit from our booth.

Should be back tonight with a rundown of today and hopefully some pictures. I think i have about 500 to sift through from the last 3 days.


  1. Oh wow… can I give Adam points for that? Damn! (well played, Adam!)

    Glad everyone’s having a good time, and being *relatively* safe ;D

    Comment by Misty — July 29, 2007 @ 4:30 pm

  2. Where is the tattoo placed? Can we can a picture?

    Comment by The Pious Flea — July 29, 2007 @ 6:46 pm

  3. I hate you so much… no, I love you. Wait… aarrrg.
    Please upload a picture with Joss, yes?
    So I can hate you some more… ; )

    Comment by browncoat — July 29, 2007 @ 8:59 pm

  4. So, how drunk was adam?

    Comment by Lavos — July 29, 2007 @ 9:02 pm

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