The Truce Write Up
November 21st, 2007

Posted by james

Hey guys. Sorry about the lack of write up. I even wrote it out on my laptop one day and just completely forgot to update the blog. So here it is!

The Truce was a really fun video to shoot. Not only did you guys get to NOT look at Grahams place again in a video, but we also got to really get to use our dolly. Basically this thing is beyond awesome. Getting around with it would be pretty much impossible if it wasn’t for the fact that we decided to keep the bus. And even then the 18′ lengths which we used in this video (along with the set of 8′) just barely fit in our bus. So we ended up shooting the first scene from this video in a field not to far from the guys place. So we set up the tracks all professional like and went to work getting that shot done. Which as you can see from the pictures below is where the majority of shots were taken. Then it was on to Jer’s house. Which is where all the interior shots were done. Was nice for us cause while we have done some filming at Jeremy’s house it was nice to have a whole video shot somewhere other than Grahams. Don’t really have to much else to say about this video. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

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  1. I was also happy to have a video set elsewhere.

    Comment by Graham — November 22, 2007 @ 4:17 am

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