A Pictureless Update. OR IS IT!
April 4th, 2008

Posted by james

So many of you have been hounding me to update this thing. WELL HERE WE GOOOOOO!!!

Last i wrote you, we had just shot Fun with Microwaves. Since then the Videos have gone something like this.

FORMAT WARS: I had so little to do with this shoot. So unfortunately I can’t really let you in on any cool secrets or pictures. From what i know. It was penned just after a brunch with Graham, Paul and Kathleen where the idea was born. We needed a video to replace a now dead video idea we had been working on for a little while and it just wasn’t happening. I suppose they figured we never did touch on the subject of the Format Wars and although they were weeks past the end of the war, its always easy to make something topical again. TIME TRAVEL! And of course by time travel i mean they just shoot scenes that took place back in January. They are a crafty bunch.

ASSESSMENT: After format wars there was another video that I had almost nothing to do with, other than my brief and lineless cameo. There is however a pretty humorous story behind that. Which of course you all know cause you all listen to the podcast….. Oh you don’t, well then what are you still doing here. GO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST.


Graham called me up and asked if i had about 15 minutes of my day to spare for this weeks video. I figured sure, why not, should be tons ‘o fun. So after waiting for them to finish up at UVIC i hit the road and met them at one of the elementry schools to shoot a quick scene in a jungle gym. At this point i still have no idea what the video is about. All i was told was to stop by Morgan and Bills place to pick up the Mexican Wrestler Costume. So got down there, shoot my bit, while being extremely cold in the costume and after they were running back to the car, I timely yelled “So whats this video about anyways” They didn’t answer me and I had to wait until monday to see what the hell i had just contributed to. While hilarious, I think I could have looked far more unattractive in that dress.

UNNATURAL RESOURCES: This was a pretty straight forward shoot. We all met up at UVIC to get the meeting scene done and then after that was finished with they went and shot Paul’s Bits. I would have taken pictures but lent my camera to Morgan and forgot to ask him to bring it up with him.

In other news we won the M Award for best Local Film Makers. So for all that voted for us Thanks very much!
And until next time, this is James saying “Don’t eat what your mama cooked for you”*

*Seriously, I heard she poisoned it.


  1. Yay update!

    I don’t care if there are photos. Just tell us what’s going on.

    And as an aside, I love my mom’s cooking. As long as she masks the poison with spices or sauces, I don’t care.

    Comment by theduckthief — April 4, 2008 @ 10:01 pm

  2. Blog Love

    Comment by Citin — April 6, 2008 @ 3:32 pm

  3. FOR FLIP SAKE! Copy your blog into a word document first and get those Is capitalise!

    Otherwise.. YAY blog update!

    Comment by Cretin — April 6, 2008 @ 6:20 pm

  4. You added a pcture!! thats hot you guys.

    I don’t mind a pictureless update (although I love the pictures) especially because you come across so cute when you type stuff…I don’t reall know why. Whatever it is it makes me want to hug you.

    Comment by cc — April 6, 2008 @ 9:16 pm

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