Inside the Moon – May 28, 2010
May 28th, 2010

Posted by Tim

Inside the Moon for May 28, 2010, has been completed and is available as a recording below!

ItM is live every Friday at 1 PM PST (8 PM GMT). You can watch on the UStream page at

On today’s show, we discussed the recent LRR Ping-Pong Tournament, with a guest appearance by the champion himself, James Turner. We also debuted a brand new LoadingReadyRunners Operation, with your opportunity to win a brand new LoadingReadyRun t-shirt! Of course, we also had your favourite audience participation games and a period of Q&A.

If you have questions you’d like Tim and guests to answer, leave them in a comment on this blog post or write them in the forum thread.

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  1. When will LRR or a member thereof be heading back down to Seattle? We love hosting you guys and want you to visit more often! ^_^

    James, I’ve already suggested such to Ashley when I wished her a happy birthday today. Maybe if you visit, you can buy those bean bag chairs if they’re still needed. :P

    Comment by stealingzen — May 28, 2010 @ 2:47 pm

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