Inside the Moon and AAAL – June 25, 2010
June 25th, 2010

Posted by Tim

Tune in to Inside the Moon this Friday, June 25, at 1 PM PST (8 PM GMT), followed by Ask An Alex Live at 1:40 PM PST (8:40 PM GMT)! You can watch the recording of ItM via the embed below.

Topics on this week’s ItM include high school and graduation, musical theatre, and baby animals.

If you have questions you’d like to have answered in the Q&A portion of the show, leave them in a comment, or post them in the forum thread.


  1. After another reminder in this weeks video that Tim plays bass, I was wondering what gear he has. Please elaborate.

    Comment by koizom — June 25, 2010 @ 2:15 am

  2. Why must you do these things when I have to go to work? Stupid MEN Arena. I have to go listen to The Osmonds and The Bay City Rollers when I’d much rather be here, playing guess-a-saurus with Tim!

    Comment by Ayailla — June 25, 2010 @ 5:11 am

  3. The Whale wonders, how are Tim? he likes the comment better than fighting in chat.

    Comment by MrWhales — June 25, 2010 @ 9:45 am

  4. How many of the LRR crew are going to be taking advantage of the Summer Steam Sale ? Personally I bought about $1000 worth of games for a little over $175 last night and the estimated download time was about 4 days….

    Comment by Richard Nixon — June 25, 2010 @ 11:51 am

  5. Speaking of high school and graduation, I am attending my cousin’s grad party today and will not be able to join the phun. 🙁

    However, for everyone else’s benefit: don’t use WiFi this week, get an Ethernet cable!

    Comment by Tarou — June 25, 2010 @ 1:35 pm

  6. Question for the show: Does the LRR team accept script submissions from the likes of us unwashed masses? If so, where do we send them?

    I’ve had a look around, but cannot find this info. Am I being stupid?

    Comment by Aypok — June 25, 2010 @ 3:03 pm

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