Pre-Order Update
July 26th, 2010

Posted by Jeremy

It’s exciting times at the LRR moonbase, with two merch projects actively on the go–not to mention exciting new ones using untested methods and technologies!

You have one week left to pre-order one of Alex’s amazing 64 Robot poster sets. For most of us who have only one or ten robots, the mere idea of having 64 might seem like a trauma-induced hallucination; however, we assure you that you have not been traumatized, and we are keeping our own trauma quotients within government-approved limits. Remember, the posters come with a sixty-fifth button robot, for your pushing pleasure.

This is also the last week to submit shirt designs for our amazing shirt-design open call. This is your opportunity to have us pay you, and have a shirt of your own design worn by [number] of LRR fans. We’ve gotten over 25 entries so far, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to flex those design muscles. Complete details here; final deadline for entry is 11:59 on August 3, 2010.


  1. If Paypal didn’t hate me, I would be all over that poster.

    Comment by King Kool — July 27, 2010 @ 1:24 pm

  2. I pre-ordered my robots when they were first mentioned. Give me something new to buy. :D

    Comment by Evil Jim — July 28, 2010 @ 3:50 am

  3. I 01100011 what you did there.

    Comment by ufokraana — July 28, 2010 @ 7:32 am

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