GPLP – Dante’s Inferno (f. Brad!)
October 28th, 2011

Posted by Graham

It was conceived and teased in this old vidcast, and now it’s finally here!

In the newest Graham & Paul Let’s Play, Paul and I are joined by good friend, frequent LRR contributor and (importantly) medieval studies Phd student Brad Kirkland, as we take on Dante’s Inferno.

Brad isn’t an expert on the book, but he’s studied it before, he knows the time period, and he’s armed with a ream of notes. Brad is here to keep us apprised on how faithful the game is to the source material. We’re betting on not a huge amount.
Brad is also here to be generally horrified. We play the whole game this time, so it should be fun!

Watch this space and the LRR Twitter account for more updates, but the first two episodes are below.


Here’s Part 1:

And Part 2:


  1. Thank you Dante! But your Beatrice is in another circle!

    Comment by Kiwijelly — November 29, 2011 @ 8:35 pm

  2. This really helped me because I’m doing a project and your blog is so informative. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    Comment by Cliff Haught — January 22, 2012 @ 8:55 pm

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