Blue Monday
January 16th, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

Hello! Did you know today is “Blue Monday” — supposedly the most depressing day of the year?

I myself am a little bummed out because we had Molly Lewis and Ben Soileau visiting all week, but now they’ve gone back to the land of the Screaming Freedom Eagle, never to return (until the next time they visit.) At least I can look back at all the fun we had making videos and streaming stuff by checking out all the content we put up in the last week. (Note to self: what a segue!!)

It was the very first episode of The Crapshoot, our new Friday afternoon stream where we write, film and edit a Crapshot live on Twitch, and the finished product turned out amazing. Here’s what we (and you) came up with.

Molly and Ben also put their comedic talents to good use by joining us for Feed Dump, making some truly amazing Monty Python references while they were here.

We also mixed up the stream schedule a bit for this month to make sure Molly and Ben could join us for LoadingReadyLive, lending us incredible musical, sartorial, and drone-ical talents.

But that’s not all that went up this week! Our quarterly anime roundup podcast Anoani has returned with the 2017 winter season roundup!

The December Mail Time is also up. Someone sent us a hat that Graham refers to as “The Night Diddler”, so look forward to that.

And the Nintendo Switch press conference finally happened! We have facts now! And also a lot more questions. But mostly so many opinions to share with you on CheckPoint.

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