A Scary Update!
February 20th, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

Well, it’s not really scary. But Alex is continuing to play through Resident Evil 7, but now joined by Ben — who in the tradition of all the best Let’s Nope co-hosts scares easily — so we’ve put together another highlight reel of their time with the game. So if you’re curious about what happens in the game, like frightening things, or just want to see Ben get real scared, you’ll probably absolutely enjoy this.

In other LRR news, it was a LoadingReadyLive week! This week a bunch of us were away, but Beej, Ian, Cori, Heather, Alex and Paul all got up to no good.

We also put up this crapshot. As a reminder, the Crapshoot returns next week!

And finally, there’s a new Tap Tap Concede! James, Cam and Alex A your Qs.

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