The Mystery Box is Paying Out!
April 3rd, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone!

It was April Fools on Saturday, and while we’re not super into pranks here at the Moonbase, we couldn’t resist a chance to do something a little different for LoadingReadyLive. This episode has everything — muscles, touching, a plant, some wigs, the opinions of teen girls, puppets… Yes, there sure are lots of things in this episode.

But more exciting than that, we have a new show! Who the Hell is hosted by your friend Bengineering. Ben knows that keeping up with pop culture can be confusing sometimes. Do you ever find yourself muttering “what is this thing? Why do people like it? Who is this anime boy that’s trending on Tumblr?” All these questions and more are not answered in the slightest in Who The Hell. Check it out and see what you think!

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