Get Yourself a Running Start on Running Start!
April 17th, 2017

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone! Have you checked out Running Start? Graham and Paul are back playing games and riffing on them, but instead of just doing the first five minutes or so, they’re playing an hour of some real crud from the bottom on the barrel. Don’t worry. Their pain is your gain.

Here are the first three episodes to get you hooked. The first few are free, but after that… they are also free. This metaphor doesn’t work. A new episode of Running Start comes out every Monday!

Also in the new show club is Who the Hell. Your friend Bengineering knows it’s real hard to keep up on pop culture. Who are these fancy friends that Tumblr loves? Don’t have time to watch a million things? Just watch Who the Hell, and soon you’ll be able to tell your Dr. Whoms from your Crystal Jewels. Check out episode 2, Captain Picard!

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