Happy 4th of July!
July 4th, 2017

Posted by james

Hello and welcome to the weekly blog update. Today is July 4th, which for our American audience is a big deal and for the rest of us, a Tuesday… or maybe Wednesday depending where you live.

Either way, a happy 4th of July to our American friends, y’all are pretty cool.

This was a busy Canada Day long weekend for us here at the LoadingReadyRun Moonbase. On Saturday we hosted the Hour of Devastation Pre-PreRelease and it was a absolute blast. If you missed it, or couldn’t watch it all live we have you covered. Below you’ll find the video for the full replay on your LoadingReadyLive YouTube channel.

Adam and Graham are back for another installment in Sidewalk Slam. This go around they’re talking about Payback and Backlash 2017.

Ash made her triumphed return to Feed Dump this week.

And finally Graham, Kathleen and Paul chat Breath of the Wild, Wikipedia the Game, GTA V, Steam’s Cheevo Spam, and PSN’s quality control on this weeks CheckPoint.


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