Nuts & Bolts
January 3rd, 2011

Posted by Matt

Unsatisfied with your work? Watch this week’s video instead!

For this week’s blurb, I present to you, Kathleen:

Sometimes inspiration strikes and you just have to write. This was very much the case with this video, as inspiration stuck like a ¾” wing nut to the head hurled at extremely high velocity.

I’m not sure where the idea came from, but it arrived fully formed: some marketing is not useful or productive, but what would you do if you realized it was your job to do something that didn’t actually accomplish anything or benefit society in any way?

I’d like to think the marketers in this group decided they would try to do something they loved with their time. In the original first draft (written in a mere 25 minutes, then edited down and changed later) the marketers were much more sneaky. After their boss told them to take up a hobby they left and he sat for a second and went “wait a second…” realizing what they’d just sold him. Which probably means they are darned good at their job. The hardware scene was originally the stinger – to show that even in spite of their sneakiness the company ended up benefitting in the end. Graham suggested I change the ending because he thought the stinger was so funny, and I’m glad I listened to him.

Note: The Wing Nut twitter account @wingnutnut is real, but alas, the blog is not. I couldn’t even come up with 16 suggestions – only the three you see onscreen. I think those three are enough for one romantic evening in anyhow.

I suppose this is sort of an uncharacteristic video for me, as it’s basically a happy ending for everyone, except as my friend Matthew put it “the suckers at Consolidated American ¾” Wing Nuts.”

Unskippable this week was the second part of Vanquish. You can check it here.


Mercenary Solutions 3
October 5th, 2010

Posted by Matt

They’re back! Everyone’s favorite mercenaries Kane & Crowthorne ride again this week’s video.

I hope you don’t mind if I skip the blurb about the video this week, but we have something really cool and important to tell you about: The Daily Drop.

Starting on Thursday of this week, and continuing every single day thereafter, we’ll be posting short videos of something being dropped from ten feet filmed on a professional-grade high-speed camera. That means tons and tons of items meeting their ends in super slow-motion and glorious HD. All of the crew (and Graham especially) are huge fans of the spectacular visuals that result from the violent destruction of day to day items played back ultra-slowly, so when the chance to give this series a whirl came up we jumped at it. Most of the crew has spent the last week pulling 14 hour days to get all the content we need for this shot (we’re renting the camera, those things cost as much as a new car to buy) so we really hope you enjoy the videos as much as we do. They’re simple fun, but man are they fun.

Check out the trailer here, and remember to check the escapist on Thursday when the first item hits the floor.

Unskippable this week was “Warhammer Battle March”, a game I’d actually never heard of before today. You can watch that update here.


Toothy Smile
August 17th, 2010

Posted by Matt

Polish your pearly-whites and check out our new video: here

Sorry about the late update this week, yesterday kind of got away from me, and by the time I had a chance to write this up, I didn’t want top bump the last hours of the shirt poll.

coming to you from the department of no surprise is the fact that this is a Kathleen script, completed with some help and suggestions from Graham. You’ll find our good friend Missie Peters in this, doing a great job at delivering one of the more ridiculous lines of recent weeks.

Unskippable this week was Alpha Protocol, and it can be found: here


Preview Pic: June 28, 2010
June 26th, 2010

Posted by Matt

Yeah… good luck on this one.

Phailhaüs 30
May 27th, 2010

Posted by Tim

It’s been a while since your most recent fix of phail, but the wait is over! Courtesy of Graham and Kathleen, here’s Phailhaus 30:

This episode was edited by Kathleen, who finally has a computer to do it with again. Now that she does, there should be a slightly more consistent flow of Phailhausen for your viewing pleasure.

Some of you may be wondering why this is episode 30, when the previous Phailhaus is number 28. The reason for that is that episode 29 has been ready for a while, but YouTube has been refusing to let us upload it. Hopefully that will go up at some point, but until then, this can be a bit of LRRWiki fodder for all of you trivia lovers.