February 28th, 2011

Posted by Matt

this week’s video is up, and I can’t really think of any witty, video-relevant phrase to use here to indicate that. Watch it here.

So this video was a harrowing shoot. It was stupidly cold out when we shot this, and we were all freezing. It involved long exchanges of complex dialogue. It required us to shout profanity and vulgarity in a public park, and the public part of that park kept trying get itself in the way, or to walk very young children within earshot. We were careful to warn parents that maybe they’d be best to take their children off to enjoy some other area of the park while we were shooting. The peacock was awesome though, and we were all super stoked that that particular shot was good. Big thanks to Andy for the script (but he seems to go to very dark places while writing… Maybe get that looked at, Andy?)

Oh, hey! Look! Andy sent me a blurb, that I just discovered (not at all after Graham had to text me to inform me of it’s existence)! Here it is!:

The script for this video started out as just one of the many addled thoughts I have while riding public transportation in Vancouver. I thought that “Fuck you!’ (being one of the most favoured disparagements in the whole of the english language) was inherently flawed. It is not only a sentence fragment (very sloppy), but it is also unnecessarily vague. Someone learning english as a second language may easily interpret it to mean, “I certainly hope you will have sex sometime in the near future”. In which case, they will smile cheerfully at their verbal assailant, gibber a few broken gratitudes, and then stroll off happily, looking forward to their prospective coitus. Hardly the desired effect.

I would also like to stress that some of the things mentioned in this script are quite offensive. I personally find a few things particularly offensive, but that was the point really: I thought of the worst thing anyone could ever possibly say to me and then I wrote it into a script. So if there are any sensible people out there that find certain things mentioned in the video disrespectful, hurtful and devoid of all taste, I couldn’t agree more. In all seriousness, I’m just as shocked as you are. Even more so, because I wrote it myself.



Unskippable this week was Mafia II which got a sneak-preview screening at Tsukino-Con this weekend. Hopefully you were there! If not, you can enjoy it now, right here.