Imagine If You Will
July 25th, 2011

Posted by Matt

Imagine, if you will… that our new video is up. Now stop imagining, because it actually is. Here.

So where did this video come from? Well, Graham explains:

I wanted to write a video about what “the next big thing” will be once vampires aren’t cool anymore, but the tricky part was finding something ridiculous enough. I really wanted Davis (my unnamed character) to get super annoyed, so it had to to be really silly. As a result, Cthulhu!

We went to the “elder god well” once already this season with Discount Deities, but I felt this was different enough that both videos could exist so close by in our chronology. Don’t expect another any time soon though!

When I was writing, I was originally going to have Gills (Paul’s character) pitch the Siren seriously as a suggestion, and then a third silly suggestion (comedy comes in threes, you see). But, as I was writing I thought it’d be much better for Gills to be really trying to make this Cthulhu thing stick, hence him using the Siren to “make Cthulhu look good”.

Once I was done the draft, Kathleen came in to add, what I felt was, some much-needed punch here and there.

In videos we co-write, people often throw out the phrase, “That was totally a Kathleen line!” when it wasn’t. It was just a really silly, often awful, line that sounds like something she would write. For reference, the pedophilia line? Mine. The guy-sexing-a-pie line? Kathleen’s. The “no it was just a guy sexing a pie”? Me again.
That, my friends, is teamwork.

Unskippable’s game of choice this week was an unspeakable horror… You can find it here.

Also Checkpoint is up over at PATV. Please watch in order to help to save 3DS. Or something.

Additionally, please note the announcemnt post for the PSN Featured Game. We’ll be playing the PS3 version of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 on Saturday from 4-6 (Pacific), and we’d love for you all to join us!

Finally, there are but a few days left in the pre-order period for the Lasers of Understanding tee-shirts! We’ve not quite met our minimum quota for the production of a run of these shirts yet, but we’d really like to see them happen, and we’re nearly there. If you’re waiting on buying one of these, don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

This meeting is over.