January 19, 2013

TapTapConcede Ep01

It's the first episode of our Magic podcast! In this episode we discuss the Gatecrash guilds, we crack an old pack, and we joke around with some Magic trivia.

May 20, 2017

TTC 174 - Amonkhet Sealed League Update

Graham, Cameron and Kathleen chat about the ongoing Amonkhet Sealed League we have going on at the[…]


May 12, 2017

TTC 173 - Building Highlander Cube

Alex brings in his curated Canadian Highlander toolkit, and with Cameron and James, they build a[…]


May 11, 2017

Qwerpline Ep25 - Mystery Mansion

Edith fills in on sports, Richter is inexplicably okay, and Derek interviews a local heiress.


May 03, 2017

TTC 172 - Amonkhet Sealed League

Local Game Stores across the world are starting up Amonkhet Sealed Leagues and we thought what[…]


April 28, 2017

TTC 171 - Deck Tech: Forgot About Drake

*Note* This episode was recorded before Wednesday's banning of Felidar Guardian. Ben and Cameron[…]


April 25, 2017

Qwerpline Ep24 - Poet Laureate

Derek interviews tabletop game creator Klaus D'Abrucio, Richter has strong opinions, and Edith[…]

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