January 19, 2013

TapTapConcede Ep01

It's the first episode of our Magic podcast! In this episode we discuss the Gatecrash guilds, we crack an old pack, and we joke around with some Magic trivia.

February 12, 2017

sWs Ep21 - Royal Rumble 2017

With their perspective from seeing the show LIVE in San Antonio, it's the Royal Rumble 2017!


February 11, 2017

Qwerpline Ep21 - The Winter Classic

Featuring news, traffic, arts, and a live report from the Sideball Winter Classic!


February 10, 2017

TTC 160 - Aether Revolt Nicknames

It's here! The comprehensive guide for what to call all the cards from the most recent Magic: The[…]


February 02, 2017

TTC 159 - Aether Revolt Standard

Join Cameron, Alex and Ben as they talk about the brand new standard format with the release of[…]


January 26, 2017

TTC 158 - Aether Revolt Highlander Staples

Interested in hearing what cards from Aether Revolt are piquing the interest of the local Canadian[…]


January 25, 2017

Qwerpline Ep20 - Dog Balls

The Pipesmen have a new--if similar--plan, Richter is despondant, and Derek is on location at the[…]

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