January 19, 2013

TapTapConcede Ep01

It's the first episode of our Magic podcast! In this episode we discuss the Gatecrash guilds, we crack an old pack, and we joke around with some Magic trivia.

June 22, 2016

Qwerpline Ep16 - Full of Weiners

Edith's Book Club returns, Derek heads down to a favourite local weinerhouse, and Richter is also[…]


June 18, 2016

TTC 133 - Highlander Deck Doctor

This week on TTC we asked for your Canadian Highlander deck lists on Twitter (@LRRMtG). Cameron[…]


June 14, 2016

TTC 132 - CSL Week 4-6 Recap

Cameron, Graham and James talk about their decks and matches from weeks 4-6 of the Community Super[…]


June 06, 2016

TTC 131 - Eternal Masters

Eternal Masters is here and James, Cameron and Alex are here to talk about limited and Canadian[…]


June 05, 2016

Sidewalk Slam Ep8 - Extreme Rules & RAWs

Graham and Adam cover the three episodes of RAW since Payback, and the Extreme Rules PPV special.


June 01, 2016

TTC 130 - Mail Bag

Graham, Alex and Cameron take your Magic related questions from Twitter and give grade A answers.

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