January 19, 2013

TapTapConcede Ep01

It's the first episode of our Magic podcast! In this episode we discuss the Gatecrash guilds, we crack an old pack, and we joke around with some Magic trivia.

October 18, 2017

TTC 192 - Ixalan Nickname Episode

The highly anticipated nickname episode is upon us. Find out what all your favourite Ixalan cards[…]


October 16, 2017

North 100 Ep6 - Brewing on a Budget

Can you brew Canadian Highlander on a budget? Yes! Alex Steacy — @alexsteacy Jeremy White —[…]


October 16, 2017

TTC 191 - October Crack-A-Pack

We have so many packs of Magic cards. Send help.


October 12, 2017

AnoAni – Fall 2017

The Weeb-team featuring Beej, Heather, Ian and Cori round up their anime picks from the Summer[…]


October 12, 2017

North 100 Ep05 - Advanced Brewing Tips

The CanLander crew is back to go a little deeper on deckbuilding, brewing, and testing. Alex[…]


October 04, 2017

TTC 190 - October Q&A

It's time once again to answer your questions. We asked you on Twitter (@LRRMtG) for Magic related[…]

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