January 19, 2013

TapTapConcede Ep01

It's the first episode of our Magic podcast! In this episode we discuss the Gatecrash guilds, we crack an old pack, and we joke around with some Magic trivia.

October 13, 2015

LRRcast - Workplace Accidents

Join Paul, Cameron and Alex this week as they discuss workplace blunders. Not here of course,[…]


October 12, 2015

Fight the Future 15 - Battle Royale

Who was in your class in grade 10? If you were all stuck on an island with automatic weapons and[…]


October 11, 2015

Qwerpline Ep04 - Harvest Festival

It's autumn, and time for the annual nsburg Harvest Festival! Derek is on location, and Richter is[…]


October 07, 2015

Magnum Rewatch 27 - The Sixth Position

Magnum is hired to act as a bodyguard to a testy ballerina. Graham and Kathleen have some script[…]


October 05, 2015

TTC - Community Cup 2015

This week on TapTapConcede join Graham, Ian and Cameron as they discuss all things Community Cup![…]


October 03, 2015

LRRcast - AskLRR Part 3

James, Paul and Alex answer your questions on this weeks LRRcast. Support this show (and other[…]

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