Those Game We Played is back! This week we catch up with talk of Dishonored, Mist of Pandaria, and Professor Layton 5. Plus early impressions of Ni No Kuni.

April 19, 2014

TTC - Journey Into Nyx Impressions

Recorded before the full set was released, some early impressions of JOU spoilers.


April 11, 2014

TTC - The Cubelet

We crack a pack, look at cards you've designed, and Alex tells us about his new way to play Magic.


April 09, 2014

TTC - So You've NEVER Drafted Before

We had a bunch of requests for a complete noob's guide to drafting, so here it is!


April 01, 2014

LRRcast for 2014-03-28

Join Graham, James, Kathleen and Paul as they take your questions and craft glorious answer for[…]


March 27, 2014

LRRcast for 2014-03-14

Presented in glorious Dial-Up Quality?, the crew answers your questions!


March 27, 2014

TTC - Thoughts on BTT Draft

James, Graham and Kathleen crack a pack and talk BTT draft.

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