Those Game We Played is back! This week we catch up with talk of Dishonored, Mist of Pandaria, and Professor Layton 5. Plus early impressions of Ni No Kuni.

March 24, 2017

TTC 166 - Modern Masters 2017 Crack-a-Pack

James, Cameron and Alex select the packs from our extensive crack a pack collection for an[…]


March 22, 2017

sWs Ep23 - Fastlane 2017

Questionable decisions abound as Graham & Adam work through their issues with WWE Fastlane 2017.


March 15, 2017

TTC 165 - March 2017 Crack-A-Pack

Join Cameron, Kathleen and James as they do their best to put a dent in our ever expanding crack a[…]


March 08, 2017

TTC 164 - Modern Masters 2017 Preview

Graham, Cameron and Ben guide you through the insanity that is Modern Masters 2017, the set that[…]


March 02, 2017

TTC 163 - GP Vancouver Recap

Join James, Cameron and Adam this week as they tell you all about GP Vancouver. We answer some[…]


February 28, 2017

QwerpLine Ep22 - From the Waist Down

Derek is on location with some statuesque legs, Monty Cone talks sideball, and Richter makes some[…]

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