Those Game We Played is back! This week we catch up with talk of Dishonored, Mist of Pandaria, and Professor Layton 5. Plus early impressions of Ni No Kuni.

April 28, 2017

TTC 171 - Deck Tech: Forgot About Drake

*Note* This episode was recorded before Wednesday's banning of Felidar Guardian. Ben and Cameron[…]


April 25, 2017

Qwerpline Ep24 - Poet Laureate

Derek interviews tabletop game creator Klaus D'Abrucio, Richter has strong opinions, and Edith[…]


April 22, 2017

TTC 170 - Inspirational Origins of Aether Revolt

As a follow up to the Kaladesh episode, this TTC Graham is joined by Shivam Bhatt as he discusses[…]


April 16, 2017

AnoAni – Spring 2017

The Weeb-team featuring Beej, Heather, Ian and Cori round up their anime picks from the[…]


April 13, 2017

TTC 169 - Amonkhet Preview Part 2

Graham, Kathleen, Alex and Cameron are here this week to discuss all things Amonkhet. We're full[…]


April 11, 2017

sWs Ep25 - Wrestlemania 2017

It's the big one! The Ultimate Thrill Ride™! Graham & Adam talk through Wrestlemania 2017!

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