Those Game We Played is back! This week we catch up with talk of Dishonored, Mist of Pandaria, and Professor Layton 5. Plus early impressions of Ni No Kuni.

December 07, 2016

TTC 151 - December Crack-a-Pack

We have a lot of unopened packs of Magic cards. Like A LOT! It's time for another crack-a-pack[…]


December 02, 2016

TTC 150 - Commander 2016

This week on TTC join Graham, Alex & Cameron as they take a look at the Commander 2016 deck INVENT[…]


November 22, 2016

Sidewalk Slam Ep15 - No Mercy 2016

Graham & Adam take on the Smackdown Live! exclusive PPV, No Mercy, and they are similarly...[…]


November 08, 2016

TTC 149 - Kaladesh Box

James and Cameron are on their own this week so we went out a bought a box of Kaladesh.[…]


November 01, 2016

TTC 148 - Commander 2016 Preview

James, Cameron and Alex sit down this week to discuss the latest offerings from Commander 2016.


October 26, 2016

Qwerpline Ep19 - Flush the Grid

It's an Nsburg Tradition! And Richter, Sadie, and Derek are here too.

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