The crew discusses their Gatecrash prerelease, cracks a pack (or two) of Fallen Empires, and pick their favourite card design from the forums.

March 24, 2017

TTC 166 - Modern Masters 2017 Crack-a-Pack

James, Cameron and Alex select the packs from our extensive crack a pack collection for an[…]


March 22, 2017

sWs Ep23 - Fastlane 2017

Questionable decisions abound as Graham & Adam work through their issues with WWE Fastlane 2017.


March 15, 2017

TTC 165 - March 2017 Crack-A-Pack

Join Cameron, Kathleen and James as they do their best to put a dent in our ever expanding crack a[…]


March 08, 2017

TTC 164 - Modern Masters 2017 Preview

Graham, Cameron and Ben guide you through the insanity that is Modern Masters 2017, the set that[…]


March 02, 2017

TTC 163 - GP Vancouver Recap

Join James, Cameron and Adam this week as they tell you all about GP Vancouver. We answer some[…]


February 28, 2017

QwerpLine Ep22 - From the Waist Down

Derek is on location with some statuesque legs, Monty Cone talks sideball, and Richter makes some[…]

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