The crew discusses their Gatecrash prerelease, cracks a pack (or two) of Fallen Empires, and pick their favourite card design from the forums.

November 28, 2015

LRRcast - Pre Desert Bus

In a very delayed LRRcast, join Paul, Ian, and Cameron as they discuss Desert Bus... before it[…]


November 28, 2015

TTC 108 - Commander 2015

Commander 2015 is here and with it is Graham, Kathleen, James and Cameron to talk about their[…]


November 23, 2015

Fight the Future 18 - How I Live Now

American teen Daisy has to go to live with her English relatives while black planes overhead bring[…]


November 11, 2015

Qwerpline Ep06 - Founding Father

Derek has an exclusive interview with the founder of Therpston Country, Richter has traffic, and[…]


November 09, 2015

Fight the Future 17 - Ender's Game

It's a thrilling PG-13 space adventure about Ender Wiggins, a genius tween who becomes a[…]


November 06, 2015

LRRcast - Kathleen Trivia (October 2015)

Join Kathleen as she tests the skills of Graham and Ben vs. Cameron and Andy in this edition of[…]

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