The gang discusses Resident Evil: Revelations, Persona 4 The Golden, FarCry 3, and reacts to the PS4 announcement.

August 30, 2016

TTC - Mailbag Aug 2016

Cam, Kathleen and Graham answer your questions and talk about Conspiracy: Take the Crown


August 25, 2016

TTC 139 - Conspiracy: Take The Crown Preview

Join James, Cameron and Alex this week as they discuss the brand new Conspiracy set. What cards[…]


August 20, 2016

TTC 138 - Kaya, Ghost Assassin Highlander Deck Brew

Join Cameron and Alex this week on TTC as they brew with brand new Planeswalker Kaya from[…]


August 05, 2016

TTC 137 - Eldritch Moon Flavour

Graham, Cameron and Kathleen join you this week for TTC as they dive into the stories lines of[…]


August 02, 2016

sWs Ep11 - July RAWs

Graham and Adam burn through July's RAWs, leading up to Battleground.


July 27, 2016

TTC 136 - Eldritch Moon PreRelease/Highlander/Flavor

It's a TTC free for all this week with Cameron discussing his recent outing to the PreRelease,[…]

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