Our good friend Missie P joins us to talk about the Lady Planeswalker Society, and her own local Magic Lady's Night.

September 15, 2017

TTC 187 - MTG Arena

MTG Arena was recently announced and you had better believe we have opinions on it. Join James,[…]


September 15, 2017

North 100 Ep02 - Building Your First Deck

It's time to build your first Canadian Highlander deck, but where do you start? You've come to the[…]


September 09, 2017

North 100 Ep01 - Why We Play Highlander

Now that we know what Highlander IS... why do we love it? Alex Steacy - @alexsteacy Jeremy White -[…]


September 08, 2017

North 100 Ep0 - What Is Highlander?

A quick primer on the Magic format, Canadian Highlander! Alex Steacy - @alexsteacy Jeremy White -[…]


August 28, 2017

TTC 186 - Early Ixalan Previews

With our new set finally ready, we can finally look at some of the earliest revealed Ixalan cards.


August 20, 2017

sWs Ep27 - Money Rules

Graham, Adam, and guest Matt Tabak, go through Extreme Rules 2017 and Money in the Bank 2017.

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