Our good friend Missie P joins us to talk about the Lady Planeswalker Society, and her own local Magic Lady's Night.

November 17, 2017

North 100 Ep11 - Let's Talk About Midrange

On the next episode in this ongoing series, it's time to learn about Midrange! Support[…]


November 16, 2017

TTC 195 - Iconic or Not

The TapTapConcede set "review" of Iconic Masters aims to answer the—completely[…]


November 14, 2017

TTC 194 - November Crack-a-Pack

We have... just SO many packs. James made us open some.


November 11, 2017

North 100 Ep10 - Iconic Masters Set Review

A look at the most Highlander-relevant reprints from Iconic Masters. Alex Steacy — @alexsteacy[…]


November 04, 2017

North 100 Ep9 - Let's Talk About Tempo

The Canadian Highlander boys are back this week to discuss Tempo. Alex Steacy — @alexsteacy[…]


November 02, 2017

TTC 193 - Pet Cards

Do you have those cards that you insist on playing but might be the best fit for you deck, or not[…]

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