October 04, 2017

TTC 190 - October Q&A

It's time once again to answer your questions. We asked you on Twitter (@LRRMtG) for Magic related questions and you delivered. Graham, Cameron and James are here to answer as many we can.

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July 13, 2018

North 100 Ep44 - Summer 2018 Q&A

The North 100 crew answers your Highlander related questions.


July 11, 2018

Dice Friends - Dragon's Orders Ep1

Fresh from Chult, our heroes hire a burlap-covered guide and secure lodging in the midst of a[…]


July 09, 2018

TTC 226 - Crack-A-Pack Fest July 2018

James, Kathleen and Nelson continue our never ending quest to crack all these packs. It’s[…]


July 06, 2018

North 100 Ep43 - Core Set 19 Review Part 2

The North 100 crew is back with part 2 of our set review. Join us are we evaluate Green, Gold,[…]


July 04, 2018

Dice Friends - Dusk City Outlaws

Creator Rodney Thompson runs Graham, Beej, and Adam through a midnight heist in Dusk City Outlaws!


July 02, 2018

TTC 225 - Core 2019 Previews & GP Vegas

James, Cameron and Nelson chat about Core 2019 and we quickly recap our time at GP Vegas.

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