December 07, 2017

TTC 197 - Unstable Preview

We're known around these parts as lovers of all things wacky when it comes to MtG, so of course we're here this week to talk about all things Unstable.

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June 22, 2018

North 100 Ep41 - Card Evaluation

Bereft of any companionship, Liam and Jeremy trudge onward to explain to you the ins and outs of[…]


June 20, 2018

Dice Friends - Enigma of the Startunnels Ep2

Today's Episode: The Unfathomable Fortress of Titan City


June 18, 2018

TTC 224 - Core Set 2019 Spoilers

Graham & Nelson take a look at the first batch of M19 spoilers!


June 15, 2018

North 100 Ep40 - Combo Deep Dive

Abandoned once again, Liam and Jeremy reach for something near and dear to both their hearts,[…]


June 13, 2018

Dice Friends — Enigma of the Startunnels Ep1

Today's Episode: The Space Pirates of Tau Ceti Our heroes need the magnetic tapes from the[…]


June 11, 2018

TTC 223 - Battlebond

Adam, Cameron, Ben, and special guest Jules Robins (@JulesRobins) discuss Battlebond and the[…]

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