Behind, inside, and under the scenes of our sketch: Junk in the Trunk.

Ever wondered how we make all the videos we make? No? Well, Loading Time is here regardless, to take you behind the scenes of our weekly goings on. From shooting our sketches, to convention appearances and road trips, Loading Time is there! So you may as well watch it.

Sep 10, 2015

Loading Time Digest - August 2015

See us build Cameron's booster pack suit, film on-locationa at Pro Tour Vancouver, and shoot many[…]


Aug 19, 2015

Loading Time Digest - July 2015

The goings-on for July, featuring a big ol' gap where Graham and Kathleen were in Japan, and our[…]


Jul 23, 2015

Loading Time Digest - June 2015

Brought to you BY YOU -- Like sands through the hour glass, so our the days of our lives... In[…]


Jun 09, 2015

Loading Time Digest - May 2015

Brought to you BY YOU?and edited by Ian?we bring you basically everything we got up during the[…]


Mar 13, 2015

Loading Time - Staggeringly Fast Loans

Behind the scenes of Staggeringly Fast Loans!


Feb 15, 2015

Loading Time - Dirty Money

Behind the cash-filled scenes of Dirty Money!

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