If it looks like one, and acts like one...

"0 to Comedy in 60 seconds" The Crapshots are bizarre sub-minute shorts from the minds of the LRR crew. This is where we keep all the little ideas that can't be allowed to live on their own. Crapshots are for your own protection.

Sep 19, 2017

Crapshots Ep478 - The Albatross 1

Back with a bang.


Sep 15, 2017

Crapshots Ep477 - The Taste Test

Setting benchmarks is important. Support LRR: http://Patreon.com/loadingreadyrun


Sep 12, 2017

Crapshots Ep476 - The Secret Compartment

Discoveries are made.


Sep 05, 2017

Crapshots Ep475 - The New Moonbase 4

Oh THAT'S what that thing is for.


Sep 02, 2017

Crapshots Ep474 - The New Moonbase 3

It's a more useful room than you might think.


Aug 31, 2017

Crapshots Ep473 - The New Moonbase 2

All these dishes gotta go somewhere.

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