The service has been all downhill since Genie Con 04'

Appearing: Paul Saunders, Alex Steacy

Shooting: James Turner

Editing: Alex Steacy

"0 to Comedy in 60 seconds" The Crapshots are bizarre sub-minute shorts from the minds of the LRR crew. This is where we keep all the little ideas that can't be allowed to live on their own. Crapshots are for your own protection.

May 20, 2015

Crapshots Ep245 - The Homeopathy

It's really about what's best for you.


May 15, 2015

Crapshots Ep244 - The Smuggle

Criminals on the cutting edge of smuggling technology.


May 12, 2015

Crapshots Ep243 - The Bad Matchups 2

More unpleasant games of Magic: The Gathering Support Crapshots (and other things!):[…]


May 07, 2015

Crapshots Ep242 - The Prisoner

You will talk, simple as that.


May 05, 2015

Crapshots Ep241 - The Hood

Let's get a better look at you...


May 01, 2015

Crapshots Ep240 - The Bust

We've planned this perfectly. Support Crapshots (and other things!):[…]

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