Duty Calls
September 26th, 2011

Posted by Matt

Hark, travellers!  I have for you a divine quest.  Follow this holy link, and the LRRd shall reward you with comedy!

And lo, Kathleen did write:

So this week’s video was inspired by an off handed comment I made while Graham, Cam, Alex, Jess and I played a game of Commander. I mentioned that I wanted to do a D&D campaign, but only if my character could be really resistant to the whole questing aspect. Not a coward, but someone who despite a less than noble background wasn’t at all stupid and wasn’t really into the idea of being sent on some gloriously dangerous quest. After realizing that that would make a terrible D&D campaign I decided to write a video about it instead. The ending was terribly difficult to write, so I would like to say while I get the writing credit, Paul and Graham helped me arrive at the ending, and Graham wrote the stinger. Originally I had wanted Graham to play Gabriel, but as it turns out, it’s hard to find an angel costume for a man. A quick gender switch later and we were ready to go.

On any heavenly quest, hellish abominations are sure to appear. I think this week’s Unskippable counts. Metroid: Other M (Part 1)

And finally, Checkpoint seeks the wisdom of a new prophet, to tell us great stories of Sony’s acts. Featuring a guest appearance by Justin McElroy of Joystiq.



  1. I had a friend who would play that sort of character in D&D. he was a rogue and would aggravate the DM to no end by questioning the npc’s requests and being reluctant to put himself in danger. unfortunately he was a halfling so their were many times where he was simply picked up and carried off to the next quest.

    Comment by pigmy wurm — September 26, 2011 @ 8:35 pm

  2. I’m somehow reminded of my D&D group (I’m not super into it, but my fiance likes having another body ’round the table, so…) All our DMs have complained- they can plan for choices A-Z, and we always end up picking % or ~ or something else totally unexpected. The reactions are great. ;)

    Comment by DuelLadyS — September 26, 2011 @ 9:21 pm

  3. I played a character sort of like that once. A bit more unpredictable, but certainly reluctant to leap into danger. They used to refer to him as being “Chaotic Chicken”.

    Comment by TPRJones — November 7, 2011 @ 12:18 pm

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