Me Again
October 3rd, 2011

Posted by Matt

This video is not from the future. You should still probably check it out.

The video was written by Graham this week, and he has provided the following write-up, for your reading pleasure!

As with Rent, this video comes straight out of a conversation. I’m not sure who was there, but I think Kathleen and James were involved. Basically the “did I lose my fashion sense?!” line was the catalyst, leading to the “that’s next year!” exchange.

Once I started writing I went from there and basically freeformed this bizzarre conversation. The ending was tricky. I was trying to avoid two (what I felt to be) obvious endings.

The first was that Future John was just messing with John, which I avoided by having John straight-up acuse Future John of such. The second was that everything Future John says is true, which seemed too easy to me.

So I wrote this dark ending with Future John (revealed to actually be John’s twin brother, Brian) vaguely referencing some problem John has, and the “future-self therapy”.

Paul (rightly) thought it was a little too far of a stretch and combined what I call “The Brazil Ending” with my second outcome from above, into a no less dark and weird ending, but one that at least has more connection to the rest of the video.

Oh, and why Jimmy Fallon? No idea. Seemed funny at the time.

Unskippable this week sees the return of the ever-unfortunate Metroid: Other M

Finally, Checkpoint investigates the failures of Final Fantasy.