Ways to Whiten Your Teeth
August 22nd, 2011

Posted by Matt

This week’s video is up, and it’s a brand shiny new X ways to Y! You can find it right here.

This week’s video was filmed while Graham and Kathleen were away on vacation, and it features none other than me! The decision that I should star in this was made while I wasn’t around, because every possibility the guys had planned at that point was going to be unpleasant, messy, potentially fatal, or some combination of the three. Being the only true artiste among Paul, James, Jer, and myself, I sacked up and did it.

Protips: White bread with a sliced onion and plain rice on it is not delicious. Chewing an entire pack of Whitening gum has the potential to abrade flesh off the roof of your mouth. Sucking back a half a cigar as fast as you can possibly manage is an experience I recommend to no one. Cold-dropping to a linoleum floor is a good way to take a patch of skin off your elbow (though I am ludicrously pleased with how it looked!). Coke first, then Mentos.

Unskippable this week was Dragon Age II. You can catch that over at The Escapist.

PATV has this week’s episode of Checkpoint. (Which is fresh off the presses, having been filmed, edited, and uploaded yesterday!)


May 30th, 2011

Posted by Matt

I have kidnapped your girlfriend! Now do as I say, and watch this week’s video if you want to see her again!

Today’s video features one of the more ridiculous scenarios I’ve been a party to filming. I’m not sure quite what the relationship between LeFarge and Ethan is in this video, nor what event set their rivalry in motion. What do these fellows do when they’re not engaging in felony-related hijinks? That’s a very good question.

As has become the standard for any video in which we require a somewhat seedy-underbelly style location for a shoot, we shot this sketch in the basement of the Victoria Event Centre. It’s a great place, but that basement most definitelty meets all of one’s unsavory-location needs.

A big thanks also to Graham’s mother for playing the role of Ethan’s mother the video. There no one who can bring ‘Graham’s mom’ to a role quite like Graham’s mom herself.

Checkpoint this week is titled “Patently Silly” and can be found here on PATV.

As of the writing of this post today’s Unskippable isn’t yet live, but I’ll update with a link when it’s online.


Announcing: CheckPoint on PATV
May 9th, 2011

Posted by Graham

Happy Monday everyone!

We’re extra-super thrilled to announce the premiere of our new series, CheckPoint, and its home on Penny Arcade TV.

A whole bunch of you loved ENN, and we loved making it, so when the opportunity came to produce a similar series for PATV, we were very happy to get back behind the news desk.

CheckPoint is the first weekly series on PATV, and it joins Unskippable and LRR as Monday updates, just to add a little front-load to your week’s dose of video content.

The same team that wrote and produced ENN (Graham, Kathleen, Jeremy and Paul) is back with a fresh coat of paint (literally), and we hope you’re as excited to see our unique take on gaming news return as we are to bring it back.

So remember, Mondays: Check in, at the CheckPoint!

Bonus news!

CheckPoint brings with it a brand new theme song by LRR’s maestro of awesome, Bradley Rains. And so we’re also very pleased to announce the LRR Music Store will be going online today—finally, a place for you to buy all the wonderful little songs and musical pieces Bradley and others have done over the years.

Look for more info on that here, once everything’s online.

But wait, there’s more!

As we’ve been hinting on the LoadingReadyRun Twitter account, CheckPoint is one of two shows “replacing” ENN. Another new series will be premiering on The Escapist in the near future, watch for more info very soon.