December 17, 2009

Lemon Race

When life gives you lemons, force people to eat them in some sort of race. You jerk.

Appearing: ben wilkinson, james turner, morgan vanhumbeck, alex steacy, raymond steacy, duncan hauser, kathleen de vere, jeremy petter, tim sevenhuysen

Shooting: graham stark

Editing: james turner

What happens when you mix a fast food meal into a smoothie? What does durian really taste like? We mean to answer those questions with the Iron Stomachs of the LRR crew. And the not-so Iron Stomachs as well.

Feb 02, 2011


The boys crack into this most wondrous of fruits.


Jul 01, 2009


Iron Stomach: Canada Day Edition!


Apr 04, 2009


Mayonnaise LOOKS kind of like yogurt. That counts, right?


Nov 17, 2008

Pickle Juice

We received a direct challenge, and met it head-on. Turns out it helps helps quite a bit if you[…]


Aug 06, 2008

Banana Onion Juice

It is what it says, a glorious medley of bananas and onions. Juiced.


Feb 26, 2008

The Cinnamon Challenge

Apparently spoonfuls of cinnamon are a big thing online. We're told it's impossible. Are we up to[…]

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