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by Scrumpmonkey
26 May 2014, 18:17
Forum: LoadingReadyRun Streams
Topic: Beej's Backlog
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Re: Beej's Backlog

Meanwhile, in a time-portal; Beej's Sailor Moon bootlegging enterprise! With option Comic Sans! Through the mists of time Beej was "Totally a big deal" and this is an example of grest web design by 1990s standards (so i am told)
by Scrumpmonkey
03 Apr 2014, 10:05
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TTC - Thoughts on BTT Draft
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Re: TTC - Thoughts on BTT Draft

Behold the Mighty Final Boss of Microsoft Excel 2010!


Had to be Eldrazi because then i could search it up/ cast if for less with my Eye of Ugin :P
by Scrumpmonkey
27 Sep 2013, 14:31
Forum: Magic: The Gathering
Topic: The Return of Angry Kitties?
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The Return of Angry Kitties?

Now that Theros has come out and we've seen some of the cards are we seeing at least partly the dream of 'Angry kitties' standard coming to be again? The amusing Synergy I've noticed between Fleecemane Lion, Nylea's Emissary and Ajani's Chosen. Basically you put a kitty on a kitty and make another k...
by Scrumpmonkey
27 Sep 2013, 14:17
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The Big Relationship Thread
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Re: The Big Relationship Thread

Wow this thread is BIG. I guess you get what it says on the tin. A lot of people here seem to need a hug. So have a hug *collective hug*

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