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by madman_oreo
26 Aug 2015, 16:41
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Topic: TTC Crack-A-Pack Fest 2
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Re: TTC Crack-A-Pack Fest 2

So I looked up those yugioh cards on amazon and they're all like 50c a piece, not sure how foil affects the price though...
by madman_oreo
14 Apr 2015, 17:46
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Topic: TTC - Mailbag
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Re: TTC - Mailbag

splice in a tribal set would be interesting, just imagine being able to splice pepper smoke onto a fairy creature.
by madman_oreo
13 Mar 2015, 23:40
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Topic: TTC 77 - Fate Reforged Nicknames
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Re: TTC 77 - Fate Reforged Nicknames

My favorite are Hulk Kolaghan and tickle fight for pressure point.
by madman_oreo
10 Jan 2015, 17:57
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Topic: TTC - Fate Reforged Spoilers Ep.2
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Re: TTC - Fate Reforged Spoliers Ep.2

I swear until I saw your video right now I thought it was "vial of ghostfire " and thought it made a creature do colorless damage. Also odd question but would he allow you to unmorph witness of the ages for cheaper? While we're on the Alesha hype train I was thinking about BR devotion with...
by madman_oreo
20 Dec 2014, 10:43
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Topic: TTC - Khan's of Tarkir Nicknames
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Re: TTC - Khan's of Tarkir Nicknames

I like "Head Lamps" for cranial archive, "Tree-Fiddy" for pearl lake ancient, and "Magical Mystery Trail" for trail of mystery.
by madman_oreo
13 Oct 2014, 20:42
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Topic: TTC - Playing with Khans
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Re: TTC - Playing with Khans

Re:suspension field: the sultai seem to use that weird ax thing, just check out the art for sultai flayer and sultai ascendancy, whatever those shiny things are, their too bright to get any details on them
by madman_oreo
28 Jul 2014, 13:52
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Topic: TTC - M15 Prerelease & Digital
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Re: TTC - M15 Prerelease & Digital

I like that you spent a good chunk of time crapping on sink into takenuma and then get all of the cards that care about hand size, but yeah that is the worst of the 4 sweep cards in kamigawa, Barrel down sokenzan is particularly fun with borborygmos enraged. Man, I've got a measure of wickedness and...
by madman_oreo
28 Jun 2014, 16:18
Forum: LRRcast
Topic: LRRcast for 2014-06-13
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Re: LRRcast for 2014-06-13

So if you're going to make boxes may I suggest "Where the Magic Happens ;)" as an idea
by madman_oreo
13 Jun 2014, 22:50
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Topic: TTC - Conspiracy Review Part 1
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Re: TTC - Conspiracy Review Part 1

So is anyone else getting some weird max headroom jerky motion at around the 1 hour mark? It's kind of funny and odd...
by madman_oreo
19 Apr 2014, 15:21
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Topic: TTC - Journey Into Nyx Impressions
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Re: TTC - Journey Into Nyx Impressions

I looooooove me some nacatl war-pride, mix int some ogre battledrivers and champion of lambholt and you can pull some insane out of nowhere beat downs.
by madman_oreo
12 Apr 2014, 06:32
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Topic: TTC - So You've NEVER Drafted Before
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Re: TTC - So You've NEVER Drafted Before

Okay, am I mistaken or was serge droppin giant albatross like a mic when they were talking about how to play bombs? If so that makes me smile
by madman_oreo
29 Mar 2014, 18:41
Forum: Magic: The Gathering
Topic: The General Magic: The Gathering Thread
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Re: The General Magic: The Gathering Thread

Okay, so the forums of Wizards of the Coast are kind of...lacking when it comes to criticism and suggestions for deck construction. So I'm looking for a forum to discuss my decks and look for help, does anyone know of any good sites where I can find that? Any help is welcomed.
by madman_oreo
29 Mar 2014, 09:20
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Topic: TTC - Thoughts on BTT Draft
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Re: TTC - Thoughts on BTT Draft

You guys are missing the most dangerous threat of excel, fixing the template if you change a single thing in it:


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