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by MrWhitekeys
18 Jun 2015, 17:34
Forum: Magic: The Gathering
Topic: Tiny Leaders
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Re: Tiny Leaders

The first thing I thought of when i heard about tiny leaders was Alesha who smiles at death. I tried to play around with the human warrior theme and filling my graveyard to fuel Alesha. Havent had a chance to play it yet though
by MrWhitekeys
24 Apr 2015, 20:18
Forum: Crapshots
Topic: Crapshots - Volume 3
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Re: Crapshots - Volume 3

in Ep238 is "the Wren" a reference to the movie cube?
by MrWhitekeys
21 Apr 2014, 11:46
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: The Gatekeeper
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Re: NEW VIDEO! - The Gatekeeper

DericWadleigh wrote:
AdmiralMemo wrote:Theft of Wii-mote and calling police: Yes! :D

So i'm gonna be one of those people. It wasn't a Wii-mote. It was a Sonic Screwdriver.

I think it was a sonic screwdriver Wii-mote. It has a d-pad and buttons on it.
by MrWhitekeys
12 Jan 2012, 11:19
Forum: GPLP
Topic: GPLP: Dante's Inferno
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Re: GPLP: Dante's Inferno

The reason the sodomites are in the violence circle and not the lust is not because of the gay sex. It is because they were guilty of rape (of both male and female). So the sodomites being with the violent makes perfect sense.

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