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by Werdnae
15 Dec 2015, 23:06
Forum: Video Games
Topic: LRR Sparrow Racing League [Destiny]
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Re: LRR Sparrow Racing League [Destiny]

Seems like a good plan to me. I'd probably prefer earlier in the week rather than later, but no big deal either way, so whatever works for everyone.
by Werdnae
20 May 2015, 00:51
Forum: Feed Dump
Topic: Some "News"
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Re: Some "News"

As a follow-up to the "do a Tesco" story from the 11th of March episode, but this time with arson. ... high-blaze
by Werdnae
05 Jan 2015, 00:02
Forum: LoadingReadyRun Streams
Topic: IDDQDerp
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Re: IDDQDerp

Alex put in a console command to let him eat gibs. ~16 minutes 25 seconds into the replay. If I'm reading the console right, looks like the command is:

Code: Select all

gore_moregore 1
by Werdnae
29 Mar 2014, 20:30
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TTC - Thoughts on BTT Draft
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Re: TTC - Thoughts on BTT Draft

I thought that the final boss of excel should be a cycle of gods that you must face together. Some of the abilities are probably a bit broken or out of flavour, and the mana costs and P/T probably need adjustment. Mechanistically, I built them with P/T of a spreadsheet being it's Rows/Columns in min...
by Werdnae
21 Dec 2013, 20:07
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Giving Blood
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Re: Giving Blood

Congrats on getting over your phobia and donating Fayili. Takes a lot of strength to do that. I started donating blood on my 16th birthday, because there happened to be a blood drive at my school that day, and 16 was the minimum age to donate. I donated semi-regularly for a few years, just donating ...
by Werdnae
12 Apr 2013, 02:44
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TTC - PAX East Magic Craziness
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Re: TTC - PAX East Magic Craziness

I didn't want him to bring in extra cards from outside the game. I think I managed to make it suitably broken though. Just like those rotisserie draft decks sound. Colourless mana cost to go with the first ability. I considered making it W...
by Werdnae
24 Mar 2013, 23:29
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TapTapConcede - Commander
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Re: TapTapConcede - Commander

Here's my design. I didn't have any ideas for the art. I didn't want it to bring in cards from outside the game, so I stuck with the idea of trading. Basically, you can gain control of an opponent's card, but they can gain control of ...
by Werdnae
28 Sep 2012, 21:36
Forum: Video Games
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I just got this on Android, and started in NorthWest America. Just had a special cargo shipment that was a "Time Machine". Looked suspiciously like a certain police box.

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